2017 demos

by Zero Signal

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released March 31, 2017



all rights reserved


Zero Signal Columbus, Ohio

Beats. Synths. Guitars. A project born from the combined efforts of J Syntax and RE:JECt of Mystic Syntax, this new project straps on the tall boots for an all-night dance party.

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Track Name: Falling Apart (demo)
As I look at the scene that surrounds my eyes
There's no one left who can say no
These drinks and pills won't take themselves
And there is nothing to stop me

All the nights I lie awake
Hoping for another day
where someone cares enough to hold my head
up out of the gutter

Take everything away from me
Throw life away, I'm falling apart
Back down again, no where to go
left to revive, I'm falling apart

Such a codependent love affair with the chemicals
the only ones that know
the depths of my insecurities and shattered dreams

So drop the act and take a hit
lest the pain comes with a friend
what a mess it's all become
But it's time to get over it

If I should die before I wake
will the sun still shine on you
if my heart stops beating now
would you bring me back to life
Track Name: Angel (demo)
You're not in love, but you don't hate
wanting feelings you can't replicate
There's no joy, no passion
Nothing more this life can give to you
And you don't feel any sorrow
No compassion for those left behind
No regrets, and no courage
to see the gift that I have offered you

You're not a god, you can not justify
you always thought you were the one who's victimized.
you're in the dark now, you can not see the light.
wake up and see you're just killing an angel.

I wonder what it's like
Dancing in the shadows of your mind
But if you start to grasp too tight
Just remember
You cannot break me

No more convictions of deceiving me
No more regret
Put on the clothes and play the part
this whole world is a stage
Track Name: Wake Me Up (demo)
Pushed to the edge
New blood awakened in my heart as I
Fell to the ground
collapsing under the weight of time
it took 5 long years to mend the wounds
left by stabs from the trials life put me though
and I stand a new man
a machine of consciousness that breeds

The kingdom built by those who hold the land
Psychic wars to leave you drained
and take control of what you think

Wake, wake me up

Could this be a dream
or could this be a fantasy
One where rules are prophesied
By ancient text we cannot read

Where the compass points
will I find the place
where we stand as one
common human race
Or is that just a lie
You would have me think
to keep me in the dark
and everyone asleep

Throw away everything that you hold dear
it reeks of illusions and digital lies
we are the fire that fuels the fear
Burn away all the cities made of glass
fragile unprotected structures of man
smashed to pieces, burnt to ash